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Unani & Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Leakage

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“ A 32 years old male living far from family used to of masturbation, secretly shared with his friend that he experiences involuntary semen discharge and in the absence of knowledge, he felt that may be his sexual needs are either unfulfilled and he needs to be more inclined towards sex but then why his body was constantly observing weariness and erection issue.”

Are you too are sailing in same boat or observe something similar?

We understand how embarrassing and stressful this condition could be for you and you need an expert guide to thoroughly diagnose your issue. Is the erection issue accompanied with pain in testicles, fatigue, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cramp in pelvic cavity or back pain? Also are you obsessed with masturbation and are continually gripped in the habit of self stimulation leading to a stage said to excessive masturbation. Do you feel semen during urination or semen discharge without arousal?

Considering the above symptoms, the disorder you are effected with is semen leakage. The medical term used for semen leakage is Spermatorrhea and is correlated with involuntary semen discharge. Mostly the habit of too much masturbation leads to semen discharge either during urination or simply on its own at any time. Don’t ignore it as you could get wet during official meeting, rejoicing with friends, watching movie with wife and how embarrassing it could turn for you. It adversely affects your libido and results in inability to get desired sexual satisfaction while getting intimate with love mate. Opt for best semen leakage treatment as you deserve the best.

Brief insight into Semen discharge

The reason behind semen discharge disorder is dwindling of parasympathetic nervous system of the body causing erectile dysfunctions ultimately. In such conditions male having weak parasympathetic nerves are likely to ejaculate early on stimulation or may also ejaculate involuntarily. On the other hand enlarged and swollen prostate too is the cause of semen discharge. Semen is secreted in prostate and on any kind of abnormality of prostrates; the semen discharge is likely to happen. It may also happen when semen do not get flushed completely out of urethra during last intercourse. It is advisable for men to keep regular check on their seminal discharge and to get rid of it as fast as possible on observing any abnormality in it.

How to get rid of Semen discharge?

One should not take it lightly and be ashamed of in disclosing as sexual issues too are like other disorders. It is advisable to seek advice of an expert sexologist, a doctor who cures sexual disorders. Though various kinds of treatment are available for the cure but choose the best treatment which actually does not have side effects and this sexual disorder cannot be cured with home remedy.

It is being claimed by Ayurveda experts that Ayurveda, the alternative system of medicine offers you best and most effective treatment for semen leakage as well as other sexual dysfunctions. Now the next question arises is which clinic and doctor to consult for treatment.

Mirza Dawakhana – best resource of Unani & Ayurveda treatment

Mirza Dawakhana is the pioneer of all unani & ayurvedic clinics in India and has also adopted latest techniques like digitalisation platforms for the treatment. It offers you outcome based unani & ayurvedic treatment for Semen discharge after attaining expertise in Ayurveda, the safest and trusted system of medicine. We bring you the extracts of various herbs highly effective in treating the issue in most conducive forms assuring speedy and positive results of treatments. Our herbal medicines helps in improving and maintaining erection along with providing fluid to parasympathetic nerves by elevating the level of testosterone in the body. Ejaculation valves too are acted upon by our medicines prohibiting involuntary and untimely seminal discharge.

Our treatment packages and procedure to avail

We bring you basically four main categories of treatments namely diamond, platinum, gold and silver. Our all four treatment packages are priced differently as per the quantum of pills and duration. Those unable to consult our doctor face to face can enjoy our online treatment facility rendering consultancy, diagnosis and treatment all through internet. With systematic procedure of treatment we guarantee hassle free, timely and immediate reply to all.

Just browse our site, fill the online consultation form along with the category of treatment. Patients may make payment through any of the following mode like cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal, western union money transfer etc in case of national and international payments. So as to enable the patients to start their treatment as soon as possible, we also present timely and home delivery of ordered medicine at respective address too.

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FAQ - On This Disease

When a men ejaculates, a whitish fluid is released from the penis it is called semen. Semen leakage is common during sexual activity when a man is sexually aroused but there are also other conditions that may cause semen leakage for example weakness or lifting heavy objects etc.

No, Semen leakage doesn't cause premature ejaculation. Semen leakage is a whitish fluid which is released from the penis when a man ejaculates. While premature ejaculation is early or rapid ejaculation in which a man emits semen just before or after sex.

It is common and natural to have secretion when with partner and testicle pain due to many general reasons including weakness. It is very important to treat these sexual problems inorder to have trouble free sex. To cure semen leakage and testicle pain ayurveda is the best option. Ayurveda helps in semen leakage and testicle pain by allowing proper blood flow in the penis and smooth functioning of the males reproductive system naturally and without anyside-effects.

Semen leakage is involuntary discharge of semen. Apart from annoying,there are some other side-effects of this condition such as low libido, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation. Causes of semen leakage include sexual arousal, nocturnal emissions, prostate problems, medication side effects and nerve injury. You should go for Ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage.

Causes of excessive semen leakage includes low blood flow to penis, stress and depression, excessive masturbation, smoking and alcoholism, weakness, some medications, spinal cord injury and zinc deficiency. Drop the habit of masturbation, adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid caffeine, take high protein diet, avoid red meat and dairy products, practice yoga and meditation, massage testicles with herbal oils, stop wearing tight underpants and most importantly, get treated.