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Mirza Dawakhana, the leading unani & ayurvedic clinic of the country through Ayurveda, the science based on nature, brings sign of great relief to people for providing cures to several sexual issues for which surgery and medicines with side effects were the only alternatives. We bring you absolutely safe to consume Ayurvedic and Unani medicines for almost all private sexual dysfunctions including masturbation, nocturnal discharge, loss of libido, infertility etc.

Are you entrapped by the mania of masturbation? Mirza Dawakhana has safest solution for your big problem. Order Now: +91 (0) 8826134882

Masturbation is one of the sexual problems which gradually with passage of time turn into obsession and gets too tough to quit. People try numerous other things available in market and also succeed in giving it up but for short duration. Permanently forget the act of stimulating by taking the assistance, guidance and treatment of Mirza Dawakhana having finest Ayurvedic expert and sexologist of the country.

About Masturbation

Masturbation is attainment of ultimate sensual feel or orgasms through self stimulation. People usually knowingly and sometime unknowingly indulge themselves into the act of self arousing activities such as touching; tickling, messaging etc. sensitization or providing stimulus to genitals initially is admired and loved by people.

Today numerous youngsters and adults of both the genders are victim of masturbation which if not cured timely may at advance stage affect psychologically as well as physiologically. Too much of masturbation may cause erectile dysfunction, lethargy, weak mental caliber, premature ejaculation, seamen leakage, impotency etc. While addicted individual may face health issues like fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, blurred vision, headache and liver dysfunction.

Masturbation treatment at Mirza Dawakhana

To stop your craving for masturbation, we provide completely safe Unani & Ayurvedic medicine for hand practice. Our treatment is utterly effective on the tendency of masturbation irrespective of how old this habit is. Our treatment also improves and works on the adverse effects caused by masturbation. Get overall fruitful impact on your personality by overcoming masturbation issue by just having our highly productive ayurvedic medicine for masturbation.
Our treatment involves basically four packages silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Patients may opt for any of the above treatment and get medicines at their door within few days of intimating the confirmation of order.

Mode of payment accepted by us:
For payment to be made from places within India, we accept payments from following sources like bank transfer, cash on delivery etc and western union transfer in case of payment made rest of the nations of the world.

Is constant habit of masturbation is shattering your personality. Contact Mirza Dawakhana , one of its kind of ayurvedic clinics offering variety of Unani & Ayurvedic treatment for masturbation and other sex issues as per your paying capacity as we emphasize your wellness and well being unconditionally.

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