Menstrual disorder Treatment

Are you suffering menstrual disorder and neglecting its treatment?

The first sign of attaining puberty is beginning of menstrual cycle of a girl. Female, the most beautiful creature of god is blessed with the reproduction ability and for reproduction a regular and timely menstrual flow is necessary. Female most often ignore the matters related to menstrual disorder and sometimes gives the big prices for their carelessness.

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What is menstrual flow?

Menstrual flow also termed as periods is regular and monthly discharge of blood and menses from the inner lining of uterus via vagina. Menstrual cycle happens due to rise and fall of hormones.

Signs of menstrual disorders –

  • Excessive pain in lower abdomen- unbearable cramps in lower abdomen is caused due to swelling and this disorder is also termed as Dysmenorrhea.
  • Excessive flow of menstrual cycle – it is in medical terms called hyper menorrhea. Excessive menstrual flow is definitely a problem that needs to be treated as fast as possible. It reduces the level of iron and other essential mineral in the body causing weakness and drowsiness to female.
  • Spotting or breakthrough in females- it is also said to be Metrorrhagia, is the disorder when female experiences just few spots of blood.
  • Less menstrual flow – no menstrual flow or very less too should be counted as disorder and should not be ignored. It is also known as hypomenorrhea.
  • Irregular periods – the normal span between two menstrual cycles is 28 days but it may vary depending upon individual to individual. It can occur few days before of couple of days later the due date but do not ignore high fluctuation between the duration of two periods. It is said to be oligomenorrhea.
  • No periods – is also called amenorrhea where even in entering the age above 12 years to between 16 years the female do not experience menstrual cycle.
  • Outcomes of menstrual disorders –

  • Infertility – a properly timed menstrual cycle and optimum quantum of flow is vital for fertility. The hormonal imbalance causes infertility. It is an obstruction in issues related to pregnancy.
  • Cyst – the hormonal imbalance signified by irregular menstrual flow if not cured timely may result into formation of cyst. Cysts could be life threatening too If not cured with time through best and harmless treatment.
  • Irregular menstrual flow may also lead to infection in the uterus of female.
  • Hormonal imbalance- hormonal imbalances results in pigmentation, acne, pimples and size of breast in women. Regular menstrual flow ensures safety from above issues.
  • Thickening of uterus and egg lining which result pain from tenth day to 22nd day in during periods.
  • Mood swings
  • Best treatment for cure of menstrual issues –

    Various kinds of treatments based on allopathic, homeopathy and ayurvedic claims to have best and effective treatment for menstrual problems but of above all ayurvedic treatment is said to be the safest and most effective treatment for menstrual disorder. It is based on the herbs and shrubs which have no side effects.

    On looking for an expert for cure menstrual issue, Mirza Dawakhana is the best choice offering safe and harmless treatment as only an expert can uproot the problem and Mirza Dawakhana is an icon with Ayurvedic expertise. With the team of expert sexologist having immense experience in ayurvedic treatment menstrual disorder is completely overruled.

    Treatment –

    Our treatment procedure involves vigilant study of problem of patient through face to face meet or online consultancy for those unable to meet the doctor face to face. Which are then analyzed and diagnosed by doctors followed by recommending and sending the medicine to patients.

    We bring you tablets absolutely safe for intake at extremely cost effective prices. We have categorized treatment in four chief categories silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Pick any of the following treatment as per your pocket and get the treatment started. Our all treatments are absolutely safe and can be obtained through online too and have it directly at your home. Our doctor cum sexologist also works on strengthening the reproductive system of female and enabling them to carry safe pregnancy. Our medicine balances the hormones along with regulating the menstrual flow.

    Have regular periodic flow and million dollar smile by simply sending us your query or visiting our site.

    Mirza Dawakhana offers Ayurvedic treatment for menstrual disorders with an assurance of safety and harmlessness. Stop ignoring your Irregular periods, no periods, excessive periods and breakthrough, as if above issues are not treated timely may land you in life threatening troubles. Be wise by availing most effective ayurvedic cure through leading sexologists of the nations through online or by buzzing us.

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