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India’s most reliable clinic now brings you best Unani & Ayurvedic medicines for Leucorrhoea

Women can now recreate and take deep breath of relief as India’s best unani & ayurvedic clinic, Mirza Dawakhana brings you ayurvedic treatment for various private health issues which either you have been ignoring or suffering silently. One of several problems is white discharge from vagina which is hardly paid attention by most of the women. We bring you best ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea formulated after comprehensive and intensive study as well as analysis of gift of nature, the Ayurveda.

Don’t just ignore it; take care of yourself as you may never know when a small health problem may give you big trouble.

Just few clicks or a dial is all you need in today’s digital world and you can avail best ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhea offered by Mirza Dawakhana , India’s most dependable unani & ayurvedic clinic. Order Now: +91 (0) 8826134882    info@mirzadawakhana.com

Do you know what is white discharge and causes of it?

The term normally used White discharge – is leucorrhoea

Commonly the term white discharge is used by us in our daily life, It is a common disorder constituting whitish outflow from the genitals of female which is mainly due to unhealthiness of female reproductive organs. It is a sign of infection either in uterus or vaginal tissue. Leucorrhoea also happens due to thickening of mucus membrane between menstrual periods. It also signifies unhealthy habits and lifestyle of individual restricting toxic components from the body to excrete. The inability of body to thrash toxics out of the body leads to itching, inflammation, unbearable odour from genitals etc.

It usually extend to long duration if not cured timely and it is highly important for women to not to misunderstand it with temporary discharge which sometime occurs during hyper active sex hormones and many other reasons.

Check out following symptoms and confirm your issue

  • Weakness and weariness
  • Pain in lumbar area of the body
  • Aches in calves and lower abdomen
  • Itching in genitals
  • Constipation
  • Regular and frequent headache
  • Leucorrhoea is completely curable and you need not to try home remedies and treatment of allopathic etc for the continual white discharge as your health is vital. You deserve best and harmless treatment. Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine brings you safe leucorrhoea treatment though period of cure differs from case to case.

    Ayurveda – the foundation of our medicine

    Ayurveda is considered to be safest system of medicine but do you know herbs too may harm you if consumed in excess or may not benefit you on consuming in proportionate quantity. We bring you accurate and precise blend of numerous herbs for the cure of leucorrhea without a single harmful ingredient. Our treatment also target overall wellness of patients along with the proving highly effective for the treatment of white discharge. We have added more safety and effectiveness to the conventional Leucorrhoea treatment in ayurveda.

    The core of our Ayurveda treatment for white discharge involves herbs like ashwagandha, Subhra bhasam, Ashoka, Mochras, Godanti Hadtal Bhasam and Nagkeshkar eradicating the causes of white discharge by roots. Our medicines involves strengthening of the immune system, balances the hormones, build up stronger reproductive organs, removes infection in urine reducing the white secretion of mucus.

    How can you be benefitted through us

    We understand the irritations female undergo on being effected by leucorrhoea.

    We not only work for your wellness but also aim to provide complete convenience through facilities like confidential treatment and online treatment assuring female complete privacy.

  • Consult Best sexologists of the world with vast experience.
  • Have the best ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea through online consultancy.
  • We also provide home delivery of our medicines all over the world for patients.
  • Fixed but highly reasonable prices.
  • We offer flexible norms for payment
  • Harmless treatment is guaranteed to all patients.
  • Share your issues with us and have the privilege of world’s most exemplary treatment of leucorrhoea.

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    Mirza Dawakhana presents lucrative unani & ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea for white discharge. We bring you highly lucrative treatment packages with the amenity of consultancy with the best sexologist of India and home delivery all over the world with the sole aim of your hale and heartiness as well as convenience.

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