Are you scared of sex now due to unbearable pain?

Sexual intercourse provides spell binding contentment that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul of individual to its core. But are you amongst those 8%- 21 % of women for whom sex is too frightening that even a thought of it brings tears and screams . Do not ignore your issue as it could be Dyspareunia which if not cured can blow you with some serious health issues.

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What is dyspareunia and its symptoms?

It is the excessive pain during sexual intercourse experienced by women during insertion of penis into her vagina. This pain could be experienced on the lining of her genitals or deep into pelvis region. Sometimes it is observed at the opening of vagina during intimate moment.

During dyspareunia the vaginal lubrication automatically decreases leaving the vagina dry. Women usually deny sexual intercourse and even on getting intimate the contentment is not felt by her. Women normally avoid its treatment during initial stage as pain persists not too long after sexual encounter but continuous negligence leads to unbearable pain as well as long time of recovery.

Dyspareunia causes

Women undergoes psychological pain too along with physical pain as the fear of shame and unbearable pain too hard to bear leads her to depression and anxiety which gradually takes her away from her partner. The physical reasons that could result in a painful sex are surgeries of abdomen, surgical delivery, cancer of reproductive organs such as ovary, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes. Urinary infection is very common problems of women and it generally leads to enormous discomfort and pain during intercourse. While women in menopause as well as breast feeding mothers too experience the pain due to reduction in level of estrogen and progesterone.

Where to get it treated for permanent cure –

If you want to get rid of painful sexual intercourse and enjoy the real pleasure of sex, opt for Ayurvedic treatment for painful intercourse in women specifically called as dyspareunia or in simple terms painful intercourse. For safest and productive treatment visit expert of Ayurveda and Unani medicine who are available at Mirza Dawakhana, the best ayurvedic clinic of India having solution for every sexual disorder.

It works on removing the causes of problem form roots unlike other clinic that work on suppressing the problem. Under the guidance of expert sexologist as well as doctors, expert in ayurvedic treatment, we bring you harmless and side effect free dyspareunia treatment stressing upon removal of root cause of problem. Our ayurvedic treatment with only herbal ingredients assure utmost safety and expected results during short span

Our offerings :

  • Consultancy – our expert and world famous sexologist primarily offers patients consultancy which can be attained by patients either personally visiting our clinic or through online by filing online consultancy form and finally sending it to us.
  • Diagnosis – our team after thorough study, investigation and analysis of every case decides the treatment for patient.
  • Affordable Treatment – our doctor decides the treatment and recommends it to patient with medicines. We also facilitate special treatment too at nominal price
  • Medicines - along with giving consultancy, we also provide array of ayurvedic treatment basically allocated in silver, gold, platinumand diamond which are purely made of herbs, an integral part of ayurveda.
  • Home delivery - on the confirmation of order, we also do home delivery of products in the case desired and ordered by customer. We make sure to deliver in 2-3 days all over India and in a week in the case of orders from overseas.
  • Easy money transfer - no need to rush to banks and stand in line as now we accept payment from almost all modes like bank transfer, home delivery, paytm, cash on delivery etc for made to be made within the territory of India and we accept payment through Paypal, western union bank transfer etc for payment from abroad.
  • Special treatments – we also cater special treatment to patients needing special assistance.
  • Just browse our site or buzz us at any slash of the time for more info.

    Do you experience severe pain in lower abdomen during sex? Don’t consider it as a normal phenomenon as sex is an activity full of pleasure not pain. To get rid of pain during sex contact Mirza Dawakhana offering reasonably priced as well as effective Ayurvedic treatment for painful sexual intercourse. Consult our doctors and have prescriptions and medicines through just a click on internet. Those interested may also call us and visit clinic personally.

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