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Is the phenomenon of ultimate contentment missing in your sexual life due to your partner’s tendency to ejaculate prematurely during electrifying foreplay or before attainment of orgasms? Don’t ignore it or stop bearing the pain of dissatisfaction silently as early ejaculation before orgasms is a disorder, not a normal phenomenon. The irony is that due lack of knowledge of sex, shyness and conservativeness many of the couples do not even know that rapid ejaculation is not letting them enjoy sex to the core and continue without actually being aware of its results. While some women simply ignore it as sharing sexual matters is too private to be discussed in their society.

Here is an article devoted to bring into your notice an issue whose outcomes are deadly though the disorder is not life threatening and best premature ejaculation treatment available in the country. Order Now: +91 (0) 8826134882

Premature ejaculation – is the cause of your dissatisfaction

Early or rapid discharge of men’s semen during sexual encounter before his companion during sex attains orgasms is termed as premature ejaculation (PE). Premature ejaculation is said to exist if men ejaculates during 2 minutes of penis insertion into vagina of women. It is being noticed that majority of men nearly around 75% ejaculate within 10 minutes of insertion but sexologist today terms ejaculation as lack of ejaculatory control affecting mental, physical and emotional state of men and their sexual partner.

Types of ejaculation disorder

Premature ejaculation is just a kind of ejaculation disorder. It is an extensive term involving array of ejaculation disorder.
  • Premature ejaculation – it refers to early ejaculation usually within 2 minutes. However folks having sex first time should be excluded from this category as due to elevated anxiety for sex some men ejaculate early. But persistent early semen discharge should be included in it.
  • Delayed ejaculation – when ejaculation takes too long time it is termed as delayed ejaculation.
  • Retrograde ejaculation - Flow of semen from prostrate to bladder rather than from prostrate to penis is said to be retrograde ejaculation
  • Restrained orgasms in male- slow or no feel of orgasms too is a type of ejaculation disorder.
  • Causes

    There have been numerous mental, social and physical factors causing ejaculation issue with men.

    Most common causes are –

  • Stress and anxiety on social, job and emotional front.
  • Restraining from sex for longer duration.
  • Consumption of medicines with side effects
  • Strained relation with the partner
  • Poor financial stability
  • Age
  • Tenderness in prostrate glands due to infection or other issue related to spinal cord.
  • Best clinic for the treatment of PE

    Cure of any of above ejaculatory disorder is available in almost every system of medicine but the most effective treatment is available in Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine having its origin in Indian subcontinents. Mirza Dawakhana, the leading clinic of the country practicing Unani and ayurvedic treatment for premature ejaculation offers most reliable, cost effective and safe treatment under the supervision of best sexologists of the country.

    Clinically proven and best treatment for ejaculatory dysfunction

    Unani & Ayurvedic medicines offered by us for premature ejaculation are primarily made from herbs like shilajit, clove, garlic, which are completely safe and amazingly effective. All above ingredients are added in definite ratio making the medicine beneficial and effective in curing. Medicine provided by us are tested in laboratory and proved highly safe to consume. Our increasing patients is evidence of results of our treatments.

    To make the treatment available for men of all class, we bring basically four treatment packages Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond at fixed prices totally made up as per norm of ayurveda with the facility of home delivery after having online or face to face consultancy with our proficient sexologist.

    “Too close yet too far”- was the status of almost every couple these days. But we have immensely succeeded in enabling thousands of people in India as well as overseas to lead contended life through treatment at Mirza Dawakhana .

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    FAQ - Premature Ejaculation

    Causes of premature ejaculation can be physical, psychological or genetic. These causes include sexual inexperience, body image issues, overexcitement, stress, depression, anxiety, diabetes, prostate disease, multiple scerpsis, thyroid problems, drug use and excessive alcohol consumption.

    Sexologist at Mirza Dawakhana has used herbs and Ayurveda methods to formulate a natural formula for treating premature ejaculation. These treatments help in Delaying ejaculation and you can get maximum pleasure from intercourse.

    Apart from using thicker condoms, “start-stop” & “squeeze techniques” and focusing on other sexual pleasures, there are some safe and very effective herbs and natural Ayurveda treatments for delaying ejaculation.Apart from using thicker condoms, “start-stop” & “squeeze techniques” and focusing on other sexual pleasures, there are some safe and very effective herbs and natural Ayurveda treatments for delaying ejaculation.

    There are both psychological and biological causes of PE. Sexual abuse, early sexual experiences, depression, poor body image and worrying about PE are psychological causes. Biological causes include abnormal hormone level, abnormal level of neurotransmitters, prostate or urethra inflammation and infection and inherited traits.

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