Are your nights miserable due to Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you think sex is not your cup tea due to your incapacity to have proper erection? Is the word impotent buzzing you? Do you know the status of erectile dysfunction treatment?

The word impotent could be secretly hurting you as it means the penis erection issue that you are suffering but now it is time to move out of the turmoil as it is completely curable and you can lead a normal life like any other man. Also known as erectile dysfunction, it is the incapability or strength to keep up the penis, men’s genital erected by them for long. One can also characterize this disorder by no erection despite of high stimulation. This is not a born health issue and can occur at any phase of life. This is common amongst youngsters but with the different factors like age, habit and health issues can be experienced any time by men.

Stop being embarrassed and humiliated for suffering erectile disorders as Mirza Dawakhana offers fast, effectual and absolutely safe Unani & Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction with complete assurance. Order Now: +91 (0) 8826134882

Causes of erectile dysfunction –

Individual may suffer from erectile dysfunction due to addictions like alcohol, drugs and smoking. Other health issues like diabetes, abdominal surgeries, prostrate surgeries, excessive and unnecessary medication, obesity and weakening of arteries. Stress, anxiety, guilt and depression too are leading factors effecting erection of male genital.

Impacts of erectile dysfunctions- this disorder has shattering impact on the life of not only men but it effects spouse too. This leads to strained relationships and loss of confidence of an individual. Impotency is social stigma too that restricts the individual from living with a partner or getting married. Neither the individual can have his offspring nor can he have satisfactory sexual life.

Mirza Dawakahana for effective cure of sexual dysfunction: - sexual dysfunctions are hundred percent cure sexual issue and has treatment in all kinds of medical science. Its cure is available through all science of treatment but not all are safe. Ayurvedic treatment for sexual dysfunction is completely successful and do not have any adverse impact on health of individual. Mirza Dawakhana, brings you best, effective and highly safe unani & ayurvedic treatment for eradication of erectile dysfunction from the root irrespective of the age and span of the disorder.

Our treatment involves relaxation and broadening of constricted arteries that do not allow blood flow in the men genital, thereby providing strength to the penis for erection. Not only is the treatment easy to consume but is easy to obtain also as we present the facility of online consultancy, prescription and medication with the home delivery. With the famous sexologist and physician, we assure cent percent completely result oriented treatment.

Treatment as per your budget

Mirza Dawakhana aims to spread wellness all over the world and in the process presents distinct treatment packages in order to make treatment easily affordable by all. Our special ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction is allocated into four categories like Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Evidence of our credibility and transparency is implied by fixed rates which are mentioned on our website.

Mode of payment and home delivery

We accept payment from modes like bank transfer, cash on delivery and through National electronic fund transfer while transfer is being made from India and in case of abroad paypal, western union money transfer and money gram international money transfer is modes we accept payment from. Orders are dispatched to clients on the day of confirmation itself as your happiness is what Mirza dawakhana accentuate for.

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